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  • Dunbrody Kiss

    Dunbrody Kiss

    Serves 6 This is our signature dessert at Dunbrody and really isn’t that difficult to make. It is an intensely chocolatey experience and never fails to impress – just make sure you use the best possible quality chocolate. There is no doubt in my mind that there is something about chocolate that is addicitive, it contains several stimulants, including caffeine and pleasure-inducing endorphins – no wonder it tastes so good. 450g/1lb Plain chocolate 5 eggs, separated 600ml/1 pint Cream 1 […]

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  • Smoked Haddock Smokies

    Smoked Haddock Smokies

    If possible use naturally smoked haddock, you can substitute haddock for smoked cod or coley. 500g naturally smoked haddock, skin removed and diced. 1 Punnet Cherry tomatoes, halved 3 Spring Onions, sliced 110g/ 4 oz Crème Fraiche 110ml/ 4 fl oz fresh cream 100g/3 ½ oz Grated Wexford Cheddar 1 tbsp olive oil Seasoning Heat a large frying pan with 1 tbsp oil and fry the haddock pieces for approximately 2 minutes. Add the tomatoes, spring onions, crème fraiche and […]

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  • Rhubarb Jelly

    Rhubarb Jelly

    These lovely translucent jellies not only look stunning but are really refreshing too. They are excellent thirst-quenchers on hot summer days and the Champagne gives them a surprising punch.   Serves 4   225 g/8 oz rhubarb, trimmed and chopped 225 g/8 oz strawberries, hulled and halved if large 250 g/9 oz sugar Juice of 1 lemon 6 gelatine leaves 1/2 bottle Champagne (375 ml/13 fl oz)   FOR THE RHUBARB COMPOTE 225 g/8 oz rhubarb, trimmed and cut into […]

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  • Roast rack of Lamb in Irish stew consomme

    Roast rack of Lamb in Irish stew consomme

    I never tire of a bowl of steaming hot stew. This is a version I have developed over the years but the main ingredients are still the same as my mum uses and her mother before her. Serves 4       1 kg/2 1/4 lb scrag end of neck of lamb 2 leeks 2 carrots, roughly chopped 1 large onion, finely diced 2 celery sticks, roughly chopped 1 large bay leaf 1 large fresh thyme sprig small handful flat-leaf […]

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  • Kilmore Quay crab and watercress spring rolls

    Kilmore Quay crab and watercress spring rolls

    Frozen spring roll wrappers are readily available from Oriental supermarkets and just need to be thawed out before using. For a slightly different but equally good result use two layers of filo pastry cut into 25 cm/10 in squares for each spring roll.    Serves 4   1 tbsp mayonnaise 1 tsp Dijon mustard 225 g/8oz fresh white crabmeat 1 tbsp chopped fresh mixed herbs (such as basil and coriander) 50 g/2 oz watercress, well picked over, plus extra to […]

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